Python Minuses


Although Python is very powerful yet simple language with so many advantages, it is not the Perfect Programming language. There are some areas where Python does not offer much or is not that capable. Let’s see what these are :

Minuses of Python

  • Not the fastest Language
  • Lesser Libraries than C, Java, Perl
  • Not Strong on Type-binding
  • Not Easily Convertible
  1. Not the fastest Language

Python is an interpreted language not a fully compiled one. Python is first semi-compiled into an internal byte-code, which is then exerted by a Python interpreted. Fully compiled languages are faster than their interpreted counterparts. So, here python is little weaker though it offers faster development times but execution-times are not that fast compared to some compiled languages.

2. Lesser Libraries than C, Java, Perl

Python offers library support for almost all computing programs, but is library is still not competent with languages like C, Java, Parl as they have larger collections available. Sometimes in some cases, these languages offer better and multiple solutions than Python.

3. Not Strong on Type-binding

Python interpreter is not very strong on catching ‘Type-mismatch’ issues. For example, if you declare a variable as integer but later store a string value in it, Python won’t complain or pin-point it.

4. Not Easily Convertible

Because of its lack of syntax, Python is an language to program in. But this advantage has a flip-side too : it becomes a disadvantage when it comes to translating a program into another programming language. this is because most other languages have structured defined syntax.

Since most other programming languages have strong-syntax, the translation from Python to another language would require the user to carefully examine the Python code and its structure and then implement the same structure into other programming language’s syntax.

So, now you are familiar with what all Python offers. As a free and open-source language, its users are growing by leaps and bounds.

As per February 2013 popularity index, Python was 4th most popular programming language³ after – Java PHP and C#. That is the reason, it’s part of your syllabus.                 Together we’ll make it playful Python ;

NOTE- Python is an interpreted language, that is, all the commands you write are interpreted and executed one by one.


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