Working in Python

Working in Python

Before you start working in python, you need to install Python on your computers. There are multiple python distributions available today.

  • Default installation available from is called CPython installation and comes with Python interpreter, Python IDLE (Python GUI) and Pip (package installer).
  • There are many other Python distributions available these days. Anaconda python¬†distribution is one such highly recommended distribution that comes preloaded with many packages and libraries (e.g., NumPy, SciPy, Panda libraries etc.)
  • Many popular IDEs are also available e.g., Spyder IDE, PyCharm IDE etc. Of these, Spyder IDE is already available as a part of Anaconda Python distribution.

To install any of these distributions, PLEASE REFER TO APPENDIX A. We shall learn to work with both these distribution types [but my personal favourite is Anaconda ;)- not the reptile, the Python distribution)]

Once you have Python installed on your computers, you are ready to work on it. You can work in Python in following different ways :

  1. in Interactive mode (also called Immediate Mode)
  2. in Script mode


Working in Python